Avoiding the obvious and aspiring to enable new user experiences - we use state of the art technologies in order to create outstanding, successful products for our clients.


With years of experience in the specification of materials for sports products, shoes & apparel, our team has the competence to complete material development with suppliers in a broad range of industries.


Our innovative strength comes from our team constantly pushing the envelope and our close links with developing partners around the world. Our collaborations cover topics such as textiles, composites, polymers, injection molding and additive manufacturing.

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26 September 2023

LOCAL FOR LOCAL TO GO INTERNATIONAL: Cratoni Helmets GmbH has presented its all new MTB Enduro helmet designed by DQBD GmbH, featuring a RECCO system and MIPS technology at the IBF Italian Bike Festival in Misano and at the Sea Otter Europe in Girona.

22 September 2023

DQBD GmbH at alphacAM EXPO 2023: On September 27th the world of additive manufacturing comes together at the alphacAM EXPO in Schorndorf to experience and exchange on new AM technologies and latest innovations in AM.

21 September 2023

In these days the who is who of footwear industries and footwear innovation are meeting at Simac/Lineapelle in Milano. DQBD GmbH says thank you for the great meetings with customers, partners, suppliers and footwear enthusiasts. Looking forward to seeing the results of our projects.

15 September 2023

Let’s keep the CO2 footprint low! With our passion for sports also comes an environmental awareness, which we are trying to support by our everydays commuting to work.

4 September 2023

Meet us at Simac Tanning Tech and Lineapelle in Milano on September 19 and 20. See you soon! For more information about us, visit!

21 August 2023

DQBD offers more than just shoe design and development now also including data controlled development for performance shoes, whether running, cycling, soccer, safety or moto.

16 August 2023

In collaboration with GEMTEC and Stratasys, the DQBD team has designed and developed the SOMNOSYNC sleep mask. We chose the Stratasys H350 3D printer to print the snap-fit pieces based on SAF™ technology’s accuracy and repeatability. It was essential to precisely reproduce each snap-fit so the Somnosync’s components remain intact, and the user’s sleep can be tracked correctly.

20 June 2023

Sculptured saddles with perfectly designed powerlines for highest comfort and optimized riding performance in any terrain and on any route profile. DQBD GmbH publishes the patented SAM saddle evolution for dynamic riding.

12 June 2023

DQBD wins FOCUS 2023 Silver Award with the SOMNOSYNC sleep mask. We are proud to be part of this project. Together with the innovator Gerhart Schroff and the GEMTEC Laseroptische Systeme GmbH innovation team, the DQBD team has designed and developed the entire product embedding the new technology and created first fully functional testing prototypes with the Stratasys H350 printer using the biopolymer based PA11 material.

30 May 2023

Products as storytellers: The collaboration between The Sacred Crafts and DQBD GmbH is a story about the craft behind fashion. Products partially made from products that are already there. For us at DQBD, the magic about designing these TSC collectors’ timepieces was using abandoned wooden boats, scattered fishing nets and decommissioned bronze propellers as raw materials.

25 May 2023

DQBD GmbH team in action at the cooking event! Thanks to Gourmetcook Eberhard Braun, who guided us with his nice and professional way to refine our cooking skills.

12 May 2023

DQBD customers benefit from having a 360 degree design development support including industrialization development and the global supplier and partnership network of DQBD GmbH.

10 May 2023

DQBD GmbH designs and supports the SOMNOSYNC sleep mask introducing a new groundbreaking technology developed by GEMTEC that is used for RBD detection (a REM sleep behaviour disorder) and the therapy for people with sleep disorder.

2 May 2023

DQBD GmbH founder and CEO Sebastian Hess to speak at the Rapid.Tech 3D 2023: Save the date and meet our CEO Sebastian Hess in Erfurt from 9th – 10th May. He will be showcasing latest AM design solutions in healthcare products as well as in personal protection.

18 April 2023

DQBD for local athletes: Not only do we love working globally for some of the strongest sports brands and their world-class athletes, we also believe in acting locally by supporting talented and ambitioned athletes from our neighbourhood.

4 April 2023

More and more it is about personalised products. Great to see these special editions of the glove designs DQBD GmbH had created.

30 March 2023

Is AI generated and supported design actually made for real product or just for digital products in a virtual world or for esthetic showcasing? At DQBD GmbH we are continuously evaluating and testing how AI can bring in real value for the design process and how it can be embedded in our daily design development workflow and process to create efficient and relevant design ideation using a fast design iteration method in a controlled way.

24 March 2023

FOOTWEAR DESIGNERS are welcome to join the DQBD GmbH team. Sports & lifestyle shoes, running shoes, safety shoes, very specific auto racing, athletics or fencing shoes – we work on all facets of footwear design.

23 March 2023

Cratoni Helmets GmbH are presenting at the Taipei Cycle Show the newest releases including the very first samples of the superventilated MTB Enduro C-148 with integrated Mips and RECCO system designed by DQBD GmbH. Pass by and check them out till March 25th to be prepared for the starting riding season.

22 March 2023

DQBD Asia has started its activities in Taiwan meeting partners from the smart textile and wearable technologies industries. Together with the DQBD GmbH team we also visited the Taipei Cycle Show 2023 to meet our customer Cratoni Helmets GmbH launching our latest designed helmet C-148 and our long term partners SPORTSGEAR Group from the footwear industry.

17 March 2023

Once again the CYCLINGWORLD EUROPE brought together the passion and the trends for cycling in Düsseldorf. Year by year there is more diversification on the riding categories and therefore the need for very specific accessories according to the riding style. We believe for many consumers there might be also a „one helmet for all“ solution, not only when looking at the budget they have to spend, but also when thinking about reducing the amount of products they have in their garage which does not seem to support the idea of sustainability and with that said the responsibility of every user in the world of cycling.