Our Services

DQBD has developed a 360° view on the design and development process up to production – this cuts down development time and allows innovative and unique solutions.

Our clients benefit from having the full design and development process in one hand with a consultancy that combines a high level of technical expertise with the spirit of innovation.

Together, we capture your vision, breathe life into
your idea and inspire your market.


  • Project management & strategy
  • Market & product analysis
  • Trend analysis & persona definition
  • Creating usage scenarios
  • Product concept & strategy
  • Design process
  • Final design draft
  • Creating techpacks


  • Digital modelling/3D CAD
  • Generative design
  • FEA & CEA simulation
  • Engineering & material development
  • Ergonomic models & rapid prototyping
  • Lab tests, CE/standards validation
  • Field testing of prototypes & final product
  • Creating tooling data


  • Access to our network of producers
  • Support with the industrialisation process
  • Sampling & pre-series support
  • Product & process reviews
  • Reverse engineering
  • Coordinating parts lists and scheduling

Our holistic approach starts with you. Taking your idea, we design a concept that incorporates trends and developments. Even in early phase, we already have the production and profitable marketing opportunities in mind.

Precise. Fast. Structured.

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Once all the important parameters have been defined, DQBD’s stringent development process begins. Our profound knowledge of materials successfully guides the development to an effective conclusion. Our development collaboration delivers results.

Fast. High quality. Transparent.

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Working with us also means that you benefit from our global production network. Together, we find the ideal producer for your product to match your quality, price and time needs. Together, we develop ground-breaking innovations!

Efficient. Strategic. Cooperative.

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As one of the most innovative shoe manufacturing groups worldwide we at SPORTSGEAR GROUP continuously strive for finding game-changing shoe solutions for our customers, such as NIKE, Adidas, Puma and more. For more than 5 years we have been collaborating with DQBD as our external innovation lab on technical sports and safety shoes.

Bernhard Käufer

As a manufacturer of bicycle helmets in Germany, KED has been relying on DQBD for several years now. In addition to the concepts and ideas, we particularly benefit from the straightforward implementation through all steps of a project. The cooperation with DQBD is characterized by the commitment and expertise of the entire team. DQBD has consequently evolved our design language.

Doreen Knauer
KED, Deutschland

DQBD has a deep knowledge in the design of innovative protection gear for sports equipment. I’m convinced, this in combination with our virtual engineering services and 3D printing materials will move this industry forward!

Florian Fischer

We really appreciate DQBD, it is a very smart company with a clever manager, very innovative and they have a focus on new ways of thinking and creating business opportunities. It’s a pleasure to work with DQBD!

Gilles Reguillon
CHAMATEX, Frankreich

We have been delighted to learn how Sebastian Hess and his innovative team at DQBD utilized SAF™ technology and the H350™ 3D printer to additive manufacture a load-bearing cycling saddle, the first of its kind. They have been extremely forthcoming with their time and professional expertise to align together for various projects and presentations that highlight this creation.

Lynn Kolevsohn

DQBD: that means superb communication & dialogue with the team, rapid movements and quick response times, accurate and detailed work, professional look and feel of the designs – and the team is always there when we need them!

Marcus Bergman
MIPS AB, Sweden

I chose to work with Sebastian and his great team at DQBD because I needed a team that was technically set up to help me do better than if I tried to “do it myself.” As a designer, your first thought is to be 100% of the process. In this case what I needed the most was a creative and industrial design team that I could collaborate to really unlock my vision.
DQBD really helped me do that.

Matt Harkins

Industrial creativity is nothing without a real shape … that’s why we all need a bit of DQBD.

Nicola Bolzonello

DQBD is a team of open minded people that are easy to work and reach a common goal with.
I have particularly appreciated your vision, your creativity and initiative, your highly critical approach and practical sense, as well as your autonomy to manage the job. In short, a partner to look for and a group of nice friends.

Stefano Conte

For more than 4 years Uhlsport has been working with DQBD as an experienced and innovative partner for the concepting and design development of our goalkeeper gloves. DQBD is realizing projects efficiently and in time – we highly value their know-how and expertise!

Steffen Wiedmann
UHLSPORT, Deutschland