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In the search for the best solution, our team can rely on a pool of partners – each a leading specialist in its field: whether textiles, composites, polymers, injection molding or additive manufacturing.

As a result of our close exchange, we are always at the leading edge of both material science and manufacturing processes, enabling us to offer our customers tailored solutions for innovative products.

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Latest collaborative efforts
14 April 2024

Where there is sports there is DQBD. Sunny running weather in Schorndorf, enthusiastic sportspeople and a fantastic atmosphere on the city piazzas make the „Altstadtlauf“,

9 March 2024

Last day at Taipei Cycle and Taispo – Thanks dear customers, partners, friends and former colleagues for the good meetings we had in Taipei and Taichung this week.

24 January 2024

DQBD receives the German Design Award 2024 – On Friday, January 26, the German Design Council will be honoring the winners of the German Design Award 2024.
The German Design Council has been operating since 1953 as one of the world’s leading centers of expertise in communication and knowledge transfer within design, branding and innovation.

25 October 2023

Great A+A fair for safety, health and workwear in Düsseldorf! Good to see how sports inspired design and sustainability are coming in the play for workwear.

22 September 2023

DQBD GmbH at alphacAM EXPO 2023: On September 27th the world of additive manufacturing comes together at the alphacAM EXPO in Schorndorf to experience and exchange on new AM technologies and latest innovations in AM.

21 September 2023

In these days the who is who of footwear industries and footwear innovation are meeting at Simac/Lineapelle in Milano. DQBD GmbH says thank you for the great meetings with customers, partners, suppliers and footwear enthusiasts. Looking forward to seeing the results of our projects.

4 September 2023

Meet us at Simac Tanning Tech and Lineapelle in Milano on September 19 and 20. See you soon! For more information about us, visit!

21 August 2023

DQBD offers more than just shoe design and development now also including data controlled development for performance shoes, whether running, cycling, soccer, safety or moto.

16 August 2023

In collaboration with GEMTEC and Stratasys, the DQBD team has designed and developed the SOMNOSYNC sleep mask. We chose the Stratasys H350 3D printer to print the snap-fit pieces based on SAF™ technology’s accuracy and repeatability. It was essential to precisely reproduce each snap-fit so the Somnosync’s components remain intact, and the user’s sleep can be tracked correctly.

30 May 2023

Products as storytellers: The collaboration between The Sacred Crafts and DQBD GmbH is a story about the craft behind fashion. Products partially made from products that are already there. For us at DQBD, the magic about designing these TSC collectors’ timepieces was using abandoned wooden boats, scattered fishing nets and decommissioned bronze propellers as raw materials.