YP Saddle

New riding experience with highest comfort: The YP saddle features an additive manufactured soft lattice structure based on your personal riding pressure map

Saddles are the link between the rider and his bike. From nature human being is not really made for riding. Even more it is relevant to pay attention to how a saddle is designed as you have high pressure peaks on your pelvis when riding and high loads appear on your interevertebral discs.

It is therefore not only for comfort reason why we have been thinking about new saddle solutions but furthermore for creating a more healthy riding situation avoiding sore and painful consequences after riding sessions.

Adaptive Lattice Structures

The adaptive soft lattice structure is positioned in between of the rigid lower shell and the soft upper shell of the saddle and ensures the perfect fit and comfort according to your personal pressure map. The lattice structure is specifically additive manufactured after your personal pressure map has been generated and an algorithm created your structural lattice layout. Combined with the prefabricated parts this results in a saddle for the perfect fit and comfort.

The Creation of the YP Saddle

For the creation of the saddle concept we used different tools for different jobs. The following section gives an overview of some of the steps and software we used.

Autodesk Fusion 360

Design and Simulation of the outer shells of the YP saddle have been done with Autodesk Fusion 360. The resulting shape has then been exported for the creation of the lattice structure.

Autodesk Netfabb

Using Autodesk Netfabb's integrated optimization tool (Autodesk Within) we applied the force onto the saddle. The results have then been used to create the lattice structure and optimize it in a few iterations. The resulting lattice structure has then been combined with the upper and the lower skin of the lattice structure.