YP Helmet


Highly breathable and lightweight structures with energy absorbing characteristica at impact developed within the DQBD SPEEDlab

At DQBD we are continuously testing new high performing lightweight lattice structures for body protection products or personalized products. By initiating the DQBD SPEEDlab we are streamlining the design and testing of initiative product ideas. One outcome of the Lab is the YP helmet with the following key features:

- volume reducing foldable helmet
- lightweight shell construction
- personalized fitment for highest comfort
- maximum air ventilation and breathability

Intelligent hybrid shell construction

Sandwich of lightweight and energy absorbing rigid lattice structure compound results in extremely high structural integrity for high impact energy dispersion and absorption along the ring-shaped frame.

Foldable shell construction

The triple segmented rear shell with flexible connecting points and integrated adaptive soft lattice structures allows the helmet to be folded to a small size. The integrated closure system developed by DQDB ensures a perfect fit to your head.

Air ventilation system

The hybrid EPS and open lattice structure with front air ins and rear air exits provide a maximum airflow. The inner EPS shell features air channels from the air ins to the air exits to support the airflow.

Impact testing of printed samples