We offer the full design and development service from 3D CAD to material sourcing and from prototyping to production support.

Both production-driven and advanced innovative R&D projects start with new pioneering ideas and require intense studies on new material, mechanical and geometrical requirements and specific product related processing.

The base of every design development is a clear specification listing all functional, strategical, design aesthetical market relevant aspects and requirements.

DQBD supports preparing specification looking into the strategical part of how product should be placed on the market. Respecting the CI and the core message of each specific brand.

DQBD offers the full design and development service on projects from first concept ideas over prototypes to full lab and field testing, from FEM analysis to 3D inertial measurement system, and final physical testing.

Special developments

For special requests and in complex development phases that require additional testing, investigation or specific analysing and measuring tools, we rely on partnerships with universities, scientific institutes, industrial testing labs and notified bodies, e.g. when it comes to CE certifications.

When needed we involve all phases of concept design to CAD, rapid prototyping and prototyping of functional samples for field testing.
In order to dig deeper into analysing the muscular and skeletal structure in dynamic situations a kinematic model can be conducted using the latest 3D softwares and measurement systems available.

Computer 3D simulation

New software and computer simulating programmes allow us to analyse…

…the aerodynamic performance of specific products, shapes or components before needing to go into expensive and time consuming wind channel testing.
Furthermore we use moldflow simulation tools to analyse the geometries and configuration of parts and moulds for injection processes

before actually opening moulds and risking high expenses on eventual modifications if needed after testing of first injected samples. Especially when using new materials, extreme lightweight constructions, new material combinations and hybrid solutions such software helps keeping everything under contral in any phase of the development.


The evolution in a wide range of products requires new solutions in terms of weight saving, increase of resistance, structural integrity, stability and durability.

The key of creating new shapes, giving product a new face (design) lies in using new material blends and combinations, in high end manufactured hybrids as well as new production processing technologies.

DQBD is proud of having strong partnernerships with some of the strongest raw material suppliers, such as BASF, EMS Grivory and many more. We analyse, test and innovate using state of the art tools and technologies.

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