Collaborative Robot


DQBD composed a robot with a modular design concept that is highly flexible and easy to use and to set up. It has a unique quick lock system that allows the robot to be easily fixed at different locations.

Assistive right out of the box

We wanted to create an extremely simple to use robot that everyone can use without the need of programming skills. The user interface supports the ease of use and an intuitive track & repeat system turns the robot to a fast learning assistant.

One Robot system for various user scenarios

The modular robot system can be stored in the housing for transport or it can be fixed ontop of the housing to raise the range of operation. With this setup it is perfect for standing next to a table. The robot can also be mounted without the housing for a more flexible usage such as operating from the ceilig or from a wall.

Research & User Scenarios

For a profound project definition and the definition of the requirements, an extensive research is required to create realistic user scenarios.


Concept Sketches

Early concept sketches for the collaborative Robot