DQBD looks beyond ordinary design solutions which also means that we pay high attention to the engineering, construction and material choice when developing the design and heading towards prototyping and production phase.

To maximize development speed you should be able to take the right decisions in specific development steps and phases. Our 360 view onto the full design development process allows to speedup overall development yet offering new and unique solutions.

Creative & intelligent design development solutions

DQBD has established itself as a strong design and development partner for major brands from all over the world. We have built up long term relationships in development of sport product, technical protection, orthopaedic product, bike components and light e-vehicles.

We support our clients with highly efficient and goal-oriented design development services. Using the latest technologies for innovative design and product development and utilizing many years of industry experience, DQBD goes the extra mile to serve its clients with the highest quality from the creation of the idea to the finished product.

DQBD strives for continuous innovation and inventions, not only to create value, but also to make a difference. By understanding the trends and forces that shape your business, it is our goal to be prepared for upcoming state-of-the-art manufactured goods.

We are very happy working closely together with your design and engineering teams as well as communicating directly with your production suppliers in order to set up the most efficient processing and use the synergy effects.

The uniqueness and strength of DQBD lies in the interaction of disciplines: design, FEA, CAE simulation, CAD engineering, technical know-how and understanding of state of the art production technologies.

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innovation driven design development

unique interaction of different disciplines for best results and efficient processing


Our clients benefit from having the full design and development process in one hand with a high technical expertise and innovation driven consultancy.




At DQBD you will meet a creative, highly inspired and motivated team with enough curiosity to find the best innovative solutions respecting your brand identity.

Stefan Trinkle

Design Director

Lino Lehner

Product Designer CAD Engineering

Felix Schumacher

Product Designer CAD Modelling & Concept

Chien-Kang Chang

Product Designer Concept & CAD Modelling

Philipp Süß

Product Designer Concept & CAD Modelling

Harald Wenzelburger

Product Designer Concept & CAD Modelling

Sebastian Hess

Founder & Managing Director

Kirsty Hess


Elmar Burke

Business Development

Markus Schnabel

Digital Modelling

Bob Jovas

Finite Element Engineer and CAE Simulation


team at creative spaces


we are searching for creative and visionary designers thinking out of the box


Are you looking to tackle some of the biggest challenges in the world of sports and shoe design, creating innovative products, realizing products from what started with some lines on paper? DQBD is continually growing and for all the phantastic projects coming up we are looking for highly ambitious and passionate creative designers striving for ways to make better products for consumers. Thinking out of the box, hitting the limits, taking risks and formulating new fresh ideas, from technical solutions to pure design aesthetics.

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We are looking for highly ambitious creative design students for an internship for a minimum of 3 months. At DQBD trainees are fully integrated into running product developments in the fileds of sport products, technical shoes, cycling components and new mobility concepts. You will actively join in a team of creative, ambitious and very curious people always trying to find innovative new solutions playing with the limits of feasibility. From pencil drawing to 3D rendering, model building, testing and getting to know the industrialization implementation you will surely take with you a big portion of new experience.